Besides offering one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry (inside of 48-hours for 95% of orders), Fr1ngue shipping costs are also promises affordable, straightforward.
For comparison’s sake, our competitors base their costs on which product types are ordered, individual product prices, and item count. This can prove to be overly complex, and you won’t deal with this headache when opting for Fr1ngue.

At the moment we are only offering shipping to France and Belgium, if you are located in another country and you would like Fr1ngue to ship to you, please contact us and let us know.

Fr1ngue Shipping costs:

For Belgium, the shipping and packaging cost is 5,99€ (4,99€ + 1€ of packaging)
For France, the shipping and packaging cost is 6,99€ (5,99€ + 1€ of packaging)
For Luxembourg, the shipping and packaging cost is 5,99€ (4,99€ + 1€ of packaging)

Right now, every orders totaling over 99€ will have free shipping!

What happen if your package is send back to us?

The following are common reasons for items returned to sender:

  • The address does not exist or is incorrect.
  • The item contains insufficient postage.
  • The addressee has moved without providing a forwarding address.
  • The item is refused by the addressee.

For EU and other addresses, it is currently not possible to change the RTS address. Due to legal restrictions, we need to use our factory address in Leipzig, Germany.
When an order is returned to us, we will contact you and offer a second chance to send it back to you.

Unfortunately, refunding those orders is not an option, as you are responsible at this point for your orders.
Any claim needs to be made no later than 30 days after the product’s expected date of arrival.

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